An overdue update

It’s been a week since I posted, but unfortunately last Friday Dylan caught a stomach virus and he was sick most of the weekend. He very kindly shared the bug with me and I’ve been feeling off most of the week.

Some new habits that Dylan has picked up:

0118151650 IMG_2007

He is obsessed with climbing on everything. The only problem is that he has no idea how to get down and so I am constantly “rescuing” him. Its cute and annoying all at the same time.

I made an old favorite recipe: Weight Watchers Shepard’s Pie. I have made this recipe a bunch of times and it never fails to disappoint, it has a nice flavor. Sometimes I use ground turkey, sometimes ground beef. I’ve also used both chicken and beef broth. I usually use frozen mixed veggies in place of the fresh carrots though. And just make the potatoes with skim milk instead of the fat free sour cream.

The last update has to do with my house, its only been about 10 days since the last time I visited, but what a difference. Here is a view from the back, you can see the covered porch to the left.


Here are two views from the left and right. I can’t ever take a head on picture because the sun is always directly behind the house at the time I usually go.

IMG_2040 IMG_2039

I ran into the contractor on my way out and he said that next week they should have the house wrapped and the roof on. I will definitely take a picture then, but hopefully I won’t take that long to update on Dylan’s new antics.


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