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Busy, busy, busy (plus a recipe and diaper review)

Things have been pretty busy around our household. I joined a local gym last week, so I have been trying to make it over there pretty often. Yay for childcare at the gym. Last Saturday, Dylan and I went to Amy’s house for the twin’s birthday party. On Sunday, we ran some errands, including taking pictures of my newly poured foundation (with plastic as it was very cold over the weekend):


On Sunday I also tried out a new recipe, Lentil Tacos (see recipe here). Dylan was not really a fan of lentils last night, no big surprise, but he did like the quesadilla I made him with the high protein tortilla and organic cheese. I didn’t have chili powder on hand, so I used a package of taco seasoning instead of the spices. I actually thought that the recipe turned out really well and was super tasty (as well as reasonably healthy and filling), but was also really, really messy. I am hoping that maybe they’ve firmed up some in the fridge overnight and will be less runny today. ETA – nope still runny, although Dylan actually ate them tonight.

Lastly, I bought a box of the (new?) Huggies Little Movers Slip-On diapers (see Amazon here). I bought them without reading reviews, but read the reviews on Amazon when I got home. Mainly people were complaining that it didn’t come up high enough in the back. This concerned me because I always feel like the front to back length is where Dylan’s diapers seem to run small. He’s been wearing them a couple days (including one giant poop) and we have had no leak issues. They do run a little short from front to back, although I don’t really notice unless he is bent over. I will say that I think they would be easier to put on if your kid knows to lift his legs to step into the diaper. I am hoping Dylan will catch on soon. But in the meantime, still so much better than trying to wrestle a wiggling toddler into the regular diapers.